Anne receives dramatic relief from several sports injuries

“I’ve been successfully treated by Jen Palko for a few sports related injuries and have been very happy with the results. Initially, I asked her to treat a thumb injury that was quite old so my expectations were very low so I was surprised that after the acupuncture treatment, I experienced substantial relief of the pain and increased mobility.
Since then, she has helped me with a knee injury and sciatica with a combination of acupuncture and massage.
The most dramatic results came from her treatment of sudden onset of lower back pain and lack of mobility. Jen used a multifaceted approach with massage, acupuncture, and cupping and after two treatments my mobility was restored and my pain was gone. Because the treatment was so quick and effective, I actually expected the relief to be temporary but after several months, I have not experienced its return.
I can definitely recommend treatment by Ms. Palko as it has proved to be very effective.”

– Anne P.