Stubborn Headache Relief Through Acupuncture

“I have gone to Jen for acupuncture for a couple different injuries and recently sought treatment again for a nagging headache. After taking several Ibuprofen throughout the day with no relief and being prone to headaches escalating to migraines, I made an appointment. I had a difficult time describing the headache since it changed throughout the day from sharp to dull to sharp and the pain was not isolated to just one area of my head. She asked a few questions and began treatment with acupuncture. I’m hypersensitive to pain when I have a headache so she reminded me that relaxing would help me not feel any sort of pain from the needles and was also very sensitive to my request to not use too many needles as I was having a difficult time relaxing. After inserting a few needles, one needle in particular seemed to be “it” and the pain went away. Although I‘ve had other treatments in the past, Jen’s treatments always seem to be very thoughtful and spot on.”

– Tracy M.