Ronald now knows that he can get older and feel great!

Put it simply, Dr O is the best. Before I started seeing Dr. Pelechaty, I was given to the false notion that getting older equated to more sleep and less willingness to start new endeavors. After several months of acupressure treatment, Dr.O strongly recommending a blood work up and suggestion food supplements. I felt the vitality returning to body and soul. This truly makes me realize how exceptional a health practitioner Dr.Pelechaty is.

Tamima’s headache relief with Essential Oils

I have suffered from these headaches for years and never considered any other medicine than what I knew. My visit yesterday points to an entire other way of handling my issues. I drank tons of water and took the supplements you prescribed and used my peppermint and PanAway and I felt so good that I worked my usual 10-hour day and then went into the city and saw a show.

It is such a pleasure to be able to do the things I like to do and not feel awful. I can never thank you enough and look forward to learning more.

Sue’s menstrual cycle miracle

“I had lost my period for over a year. Orest Pelechaty gave me herbs to take, recommended dietary changes, and gave me acupuncture and moxa treatments. My period returned after 3 treatments, with no PMS or cramping!”