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Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Pelechaty, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, L.Ac.

I set aside 45 minutes for your first visit to our office. With your appointment, you will receive a comprehensive consultation and examination. I will review your health history including current complaints and past health conditions, your medications and supplements. In addition, I use diagnostic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as pulse and tongue diagnosis, and palpation to determine your energetic patterns and constitution.

This is your opportunity to really be listened to! This appointment is the most important time to discover what your health goals are and how we can support you in achieving optimal wellness.

Your Report of Findings and First Treatment

After the Initial Consultation, we will schedule a Report of Findings visit. In this visit, I will review my recommended treatment plan and natural medicines for your condition. If warranted, you will receive your first acupuncture treatment!

Please wear loose fitting clothing, or you may use a treatment gown that we provide. It is best to remove jewelry. It is recommended that you do not come hungry. Please have a snack or light meal before your treatment.


The fee for the Initial Consultation is $150. The $150 fee also includes a Report of Finding consultation in a separate visit . Acupuncture is $90. Follow-up health consultations are $90.


Payment is due when services are rendered. We do everything we can to work within your budget. The more self-care you do, the fewer treatments you will need! We accept checks, cash, Master Card and Visa.


We no not accept “assignment” for insurance. This helps to keep our fees down. Upon request, we will give you a superbill to submit to your plan.

In order to find out if your policy covers Acupuncture, call your insurance company and ask them to send you a copy of their regulation regarding Acupuncture. Many insurance companies do not give the correct information over the phone. Some companies limit the number of visits, or will cover Acupuncture only for certain conditions. Sometimes they say they do not cover Acupuncture, yet they will if your physician recommends it. If you have any questions or problems regarding reimbursement for our services, please let us know.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions.
Our goal is for you and your family members to feel comfortable and happy with your care here.

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