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Remove Allergens and Lose Weight Naturally!

Many of our happy patients have noticed that not only do they feel betterthey also lose weight gently and safely! One of the reasons for such a broad spectrum of excellent benefits is that allergies can cause weight gain!

We see a loss of unhealthy pounds when we reduce the overall load from getting regular holistic care; NY Times The Fat Drugof allergic reactions and the body’s by products. Our bodies also joyfully eliminate the accumulation of toxins from drug treatments!

On Sunday March 9th, the New York Times had a lead story entitled The Fat Drug, about how antibiotics, as used by agribusiness to fatten up farm animals fast, have been implicated as a major factor in obesity among Americans. The drugs are force fed to saturate chickens, cattle, and hogs so that they grow too fat too fast.  In turn, when eaten, these foods can make us humans grossly overweight too!

Have you had sinus, skin or digestive problems and have taken OTC or prescribed medications? And when those did not solve the problem, your doctor recommended antibiotics? So, did you notice some unexpected weight gain?  Here’s why:

·         Food allergens put on pounds! (such as from eating fake foods like commercial wheat)

·         Toxins from OTC allergy relief drugs add more!

·          The “Fat Drug” antibiotics in our foods and medicines fatten us like farm animals!  This affects everyone who eats any non-organic meats or poultry.

Natural healing practitioners understand the processes of your body both in health and in disease. From a western perspective there is evidence that the complex set of immune reactions and inflammation which give us symptoms of allergies can also be responsible for adding pounds to the scale. For example, it is obvious that puffy and swollen tissues retain fluids, so that we hold more water. This gain in water weight is one of the first things lost when Acupuncture treatment starts to adjust our entire bodies towards health! Then the range of other benefits starts to be noticed, which can be quite impressive with regular Acupuncture care. 

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