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Lori’s mystery illness resolved

I was in horrible pain & had constant itching. I could not sleep or shower or dress without being in terrible pain. I also had a bacterial infection in both my legs. My legs were extremely painful, swollen, and itchy. I was misdiagnosed and prescribed steroids and antibiotics. These drugs made my skin worse and did not help the bacterial infection at all.

Dr. Orest’s calming and caring manner put me at ease and gave me hope that I would get better. I already felt better after the consultation. I received acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs, healthy foods to eat, hydrotherapy treatments to do, breathing techniques & essential oil protocols.

While doing all of these things, I immediately started to feel better and continued to improve everyday. The bacterial infection healed and so did the rash.

I am so grateful to Dr. O for all that he has done to help me, especially for his caring & compassion. I really enjoy Dr. O’s sense of humor too. He always calmed my fears and put me at ease and made me feel that I was going to heal. And I DID!!! Thank You Dr. O!!!”

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