Anne receives dramatic relief from several sports injuries

“I’ve been successfully treated by Jen Palko for a few sports related injuries and have been very happy with the results. Initially, I asked her to treat a thumb injury that was quite old so my expectations were very low so I was surprised that after the acupuncture treatment, I experienced substantial relief of the pain and increased mobility.

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Mom avoided anti-biotics for her child

Thank you so much, Dr. Pelechaty, for talking to me the other night and helping us with Annabelle. She is TONS better- the oils were miraculous. I am so glad that we didn’t give her the antibiotics.

Vivian’s energy and focus returns with acupuncture

I am feeling so much better. I got some energy back and can focus
better. I do not know what you do with those needles but to me it is like “magic”. Thank you for all that you do.

Carlos was so happy, he got up and shouted…

“Last springtime, my six year old son Carlo developed an intense episode with hayfever. He was suffering tremendously..

Orest Pelechaty gave us natural remedies and I learned several massage points to use. That evening after I massaged him and gave him his remedies, his hay fever quickly cleared up. Carlo was so happy he got up and opened the screen

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