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Toni “Gypsy” Rose, Reiki Level III Master Practitioner

Toni “Gypsy” Rose is a Reiki Level III Master Practitioner in the Usui tradition, a toni bio pictureYoung Living Wellness Consultant, Ordained Minister, as well as a Certified English and Elementary school teacher.

She offers Aroma-Reiki with chakra balancing and optional supportive affirmation messages.   Toni has been highly intuitive since childhood. In her sessions, she often receives guidance for the client’s emotional and spiritual well-being.

Toni also offers Spiritual Counseling for women and children. You can add spiritual counseling to your Reiki sesson to help you integrate the healing more deeply into your life.

She is a facilitator of Women’s Wellness Workshops, and offers home healing hands services at private homes.  She loves empowering others and it is her personal mission to help others get well, be well, and stay well.

Her monthly Women’s Wellness Workshops create a safe space of sisterhood. Workshop activities may include sage cleansing, oil anointing, guided meditation, positive affirmations, journal exercises, optional sharing, candle prayer, mind mapping, and more.

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