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Your First Visit with Michael Peluso

Begin by Scheduling an available time within the automatic scheduler attached to this website. Make sure to include a valid email address and phone number.

You will be sent a Welcome Email with access to our Client Portal and instructions on how to complete your digital intake questionnaires. These differ from the ones found under the “new patient questionnaire” section of this website.

In the Client Portal, you will have access to a custom exercise, stretching and movement programs as well as relevant educational lifestyle information. Below are the four questionnaires you will receive there.

1) Health History
2) Health Appraisal Questionnaire  (360 questions that will give you – and us – insight into your organ systems)
3) Primal Patterns Assessment (a look at how the food you eat affects you)
4) Health and Lifestyle Overview

Please wear loose fitting clothing for your postural and movement assessment.

During the Create and Discovery Session:

We begin our time together with a holistic assessment of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This is your opportunity to be listened to! This appointment is a vital time to discover what your health goals are and how we can support you in achieving optimal wellness. We have many ways of helping support your unique expression of health, joy, and success including but not limited to…

Picture Message Nutrition Coaching:

  1. Functional and Performance Exercise Programs
  2. Postural Alignment Stretching Programs
  3. Lifestyle and Life Coaching Call
  4. True Living Personal, professional, and spiritual Facilitation of health, joy, and success.

Fees and payments

The fee for the 2 Hour Initial Create and Discover Consultation is $225

Follow-up coaching sessions will be discussed during the initial consultation as we strive to work within your budget for maximum results.

Payment is due when services are rendered. We do everything we can to work within your budget. The more self-care you do, the fewer treatments you will need!   We accept checks and cash.

Call or email today with any questions.
Our goal is for you and your family members to feel comfortable and happy with your care here.

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